Ongoing Health and Wellness Management

Many gastric issues require ongoing solutions. Hospitals will treat symptoms, but don’t carry the supplements patients will need to maintain GI health. Meanwhile, many of the supplements sold online are not verified by a medical professional. Doctor J MD is founded by medical professionals from within the gastroenterology field and only offers products that have been personally tested by our team.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Basile Njei (Dr. J)

Dr. Basile Njei (Dr. J) is a Yale trained Gastroenterologist and adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine. Dr. J has recently been recognized by America’s Best Doctors and their syndicated national outlets as a Top Doctor for the year 2020. As well as receiving academic distinction for his work in the GI field, Dr. J has a strong desire to help his patients beyond the care they receive in the hospital. Dr. J founded Doctor J MD to provide a truly holistic wellness management experience for his patients.

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At Doctor J MD, we know gut health and we want to help you live your healthiest life without the need for a long list of prescriptions.

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